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Hyperspace is developing a web3 smart security infrastructure and key management system

A secure, convenient and user-friendly solution made with you in mind

Hyperspace Technologies offers cutting-edge Web3 solutions, leveraging decentralized and secure technologies.

Cutting-edge Web3 Solutions

By leveraging Web3, Hyperspace Technologies can provide innovative and forward-looking solutions that align with the latest trends and advancements in the digital world.

NFC Technology Powered

By utilizing NFC, our products offer enhanced user experiences, such as smart payment systems, access control solutions, and personalized marketing experiences.

Enhanced Security

By incorporating robust security measures and encryption protocols, Hyperspace Technologies provide users with peace of mind, knowing that their information is protected.

Secure Your Digital Assets with Keymaster Vault Hardware Wallet

The Keymaster vault is our sleek and durable web3 smart security module (W3SSM) that utilize NFC technology and blockchain based wallet connect standard to provide secure and convenient authentication, message signing and digital asset storage.

Secure Key Management Done Right.

Product Passport
With WrapTag

The WrapTag allows anyone to prove ownership and authenticity of a physical item or product.

It has in-built integrated NFC tag to authenticate ownership and product provenance.

Connect With Beamband

The beamband is a sleek and comfortable tap2scan wristband that utilizes NFC technology and blockchain authentication standard to provide secure and convenient authentication to provide secure and convenient Web3 authentication.

Your Key. Your Identifier.

Explore Your Digital Assets With Keyring Pro

The KEYRING PRO is a third party Multichain Wallet Connect app that turns any mordern mobile phone into a hardware wallet for Web3 based authentication. Paired with our NFC Auth keycard, it completely changes the way authentication is done.

It provides an offline key used to sign and approve logins on Web3 enabled applications.

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